Saturday, 7 April 2012

My Malaysia

 My national flag has fourteen stripes that represent the states in Malaysia. There are seven red stripes and seven white stripes on it. There is a cresent adn a star on the flag.
The crescent and the star represent Islam as the official religion in Malaysia. The star with fourteen pointed ends represents the people of Malaysia living in harmony.
The crescent and the star are yellow in colour. Yellow is for loyaltym red for bravery, white for purity and the blue for peace and harmony.

We have official song named Negaraku which means My Country.
The official flower for Malaysia is hibiscus.
Malaysia located at South-Easr Asia. The neighbour by Thailand in North Peningsular of Malaysia, Singapore in South Peningsular of Malaysia.
Indonesia and Brunei are neighbour at East Malaysia (Borneo). Philipines also our neighbour.


liyana biryani said...

i love malaysia!:) Btw kalau sudi follow saya akan follow balik ty :)

Ischialgia said...

Cintailah negaramu..
Jangan kau tanyakan apa yang Negara berikan kepadamu, tetapi tanyakan pada dirimu apa yang akan nak engkau berikan kepada Negaramu.

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