Friday, 6 April 2012

What do You know about Money


Money used in almost everything in life esspecially in transaction.

Money? What do you know about money? Think first before u scroll down to get the answer.

The following show you what money are about:

1. Earning and making money

2. Insurans

3. Credit card

4. Spending money and consumer math

5. business math

6. Budget planning and budgetting.

Are know what are I mention?

Money is important? Of course, money are important. Long-long ago, human used Barter system to get thing or service.
They change as both side agree to change thing or to get service. This way sometime are difficult to find the same need to Barter. So, they create money as transaction thing.

Sometime youu will heard, "For me, money not so important. I just need love, respect and safety."
Yeah, money cannot buy all thing in the world but all thing cannot has if no money. Love, respect and safety sametime need money to anssure them.

So, are you still think money not important? Think twice, dear.

Here, i think i will stop. See the next entries ya.

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Gadis Kampung said...

GK love can buy anything but not happiness...